Marble Granulate Pool Beach

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The fine particle size of the marble granular Pool Beach provides great walking comfort. In addition, the wide variety of sand colors, offers a multitude of possible arrangements. Finally, like all the products we use, the Pool Pool Marble Granulate has excellent properties of durability and wear resistance.

Where do we apply it?

Marble Granulate Pool Beach can be applied to:

  • Pool edges
  • Terraces
  • Pedestrian areas

Application supports

The marble granulate Pool range can be applied on supports such as:

  • A concrete slab
  • A bed of crushed stones
  • Natural or reconstituted stones
  • Tiles

If you want to put the marble granulate on another support, please contact us.

Constitution of the product

The product consists of a selection of fine quartz sand coated with an epoxy resin.

The resin used is a premium resin that is able to resist UV.

Like all the products we use, marble pool granules has been tested in independent laboratories and at different sites.

Les +
  • The Granular Marble Pool Beach has a sandy appearance with a wide range of colors.
  • Marble Granular Pool Beach is safe because, even if it is wet, it limits the risk of skidding and thus falling.
  • Marble Granulate Pool Beach offers great flexibility of implementation since it is easy to incorporate spots, sockets, etc.

A wide range of colors

The resin used can be combined with several shades of aggregates. So you can go easy on your imagination and create your custom arrangements and patterns.

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