High Performance Drain

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The Drain High Performance marble granulate has, as its name suggests, draining properties ranging from 30 to 70 liters per second per square meter (depending on thickness and grain size). These properties ensure a surface that is always dry. In addition, its high mechanical strength and its high resistance to UV allow it to have:

  • Wear resistance
  • Good walking comfort
  • A variety of colors and effects

Where do we apply it?

High Performance Drained Marble Granite can be applied to:

  • Laneways (with pedestrian traffic or light vehicle traffic)
  • Terraces
  • Pool beaches
  • Sidewalks
  • etc.

Application supports

High Performance Drained Marble Granulate can be applied to substrates such as:

  • A concrete slab
  • A concrete screed
  • A smooth concrete screed
  • Natural or reconstituted stones
  • Tiles

For this, the support must have at least a slope of 2%.

If you want to put the marble granulate on another support, please contact us.

Constitution of the product

The product consists of marble granules coated with an organic resin based on aliphaticisocyanate.

This product has been tested in independent laboratories and at different sites..

The resin used does not contain any solvent. Therefore, during the application of the High Performance Drain marble granulate, there is no odor that emanates from it.

The marble granulate used for this product is marble granulate which has been rolled or crushed with a particle size of 2.5 / 5 or 5/8.

It is recommended to install 1 cm of high performance Drain marble granulate when pedestrians are moving on it, and 1.5 cm when they are light vehicles.

The high performance Drain marble granulate can withstand:

  • 4 to 9 hours per day for private pedestrian traffic (varies with temperature and humidity)
  • Up to 12 hours a day for public use or light vehicle traffic
Complementary product

The high performance Drain marble granulate can be supplemented with the High Performance Badige. This transparent product strengthens the adhesion of aggregates, hardens the surface and thus increases the resistance to wear and UV.

Cleaning and maintenance

The high performance Drain marble granulate is maintenance free. A simple cleaning with a water jet is enough.

If stains are embedded, it is best to use HYDRO FRANCE Degreaser spray and rinse.

Les +
  • The High Performance Drain marble granulate is durable, draining and UV resistant.
  • Its natural stone look offers a very wide range of colors and aggregates.
  • The high performance Drain marble granulate is neutral and has no impact on the environment.

A wide range of colors

The resin used can be combined with several shades of aggregates. So you can go easy on your imagination and create your custom arrangements and patterns.

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