Granulate Playground

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Granulate Playground is a floor covering that has a very high elasticity (it is 4 times more elastic than a conventional one). Composed of rubber granulate, it absorbs impacts and dampens falls and shocks.

Although composed of rubber granulate, rainwater can pass through this floor covering avoiding both the formation of puddles, the proliferation of algae but also slips.

Like the marble granulate Comfort, the aggregates Playground resists the chemical aggression represented by animal dung.

Although essentially installed on “public” playgrounds in squares, parks…, the granular Playgrounds can very well be installed in an individual, around a swing, a slide… Indeed, the aggregates Playground remains affordable and complies with the requirements of standard NF EN 1177.

Where do we apply it?

As the name suggests, and because of its composition in rubber granulate, Granulate Playground is primarily intended for playgrounds, but also, like marble granules Comfort, pedestrian walkways.

Application supports

The Granulate Playground can be applied:

  • on a concrete screed
  • on asphalt or asphalt
  • on untreated bass
  • on natural stone or reconstituted according to standard NF EN 13285

Constitution of the product

The product consists of an aromatic resin and rubber granules.

This resin resists shocks and ultra-violet.

This Granulate Playground, like all the products we use, has been tested in independent laboratories and at different sites.

Les +
  • Granulate Playgrounds has both a modern and fun look.
  • Granulate Playground is safe because it limits the risk of slipping, it dampens falls and shocks due to its high elasticity.
  • The Granulate Playgrounds has great maneuverability which makes the different play and educational spaces attractive.

A wide range of colors

The resin used can be combined with several shades of aggregates. So you can go easy on your imagination and create your custom arrangements and patterns.

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