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Marble granulate is a high-quality, designer floor covering.


Noble by nature, since it is made of 100% marble pieces, it can land on any soil of solid origin (tiling, concrete, rough stone, paving, paving, wood, steel).


As it perfectly marries the reliefs, it allows to exploit and level a support at different levels.

A sustainable product that respects the environment

Pleasant to touch
Easy to maintain
UV resistant
Without connection
Surface temper
What is marble granulate?

Marble granulate is a floor covering that has been in vogue for some years and consists of pieces of marble.


If it has attracted a growing number of customers, it is because the marble aggregate is a floor covering:

  • High-end (but affordable price to m²)
  • Noble by its main material: pieces of marble
  • Design because it offers not only dozens of colors and because we can create the pattern that we want



On the Internet as in the construction industry, marble aggregate has several names:

  • Stone carpet
  • Resin terrace
  • Resin gravel
  • Resin marble granulate
  • Gravel color

Where can the marble granulate be applied?

Thanks to its ease of application and its different properties, the marble granulate can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

The rolled marble granulate is very comfortable to the touch can be walked on bare foot without problem.

In addition, thanks to its draining properties puddles water and even wet the marble granulate remains adhering.


Inside a home, we mainly use epoxy resins without solvent to avoid the problem of odor at the time of application and will use a pore mouth to saturate the aggregates.

On which support can one use marble aggregate?

In order for the marble granulate to be applied, the substrate must be sound, dry and dust free.

The support in question must be hard (like a concrete slab, stone, tiles, cobblestones…).

If the support does not have slope or counterpoise, it will be necessary to drill the support to evacuate the retention of water.

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