Hydro Marble Construction Specialist-fitter of marble granulate

You want to sublimate and build a terrace, a staircase, an alley, a stoop…? And if you made them in an innovative and resistant material like flooring: marble aggregate or marble resin exterior?


Indeed, marble aggregate is not only a noble and trendy flooring, but above all it has many benefits like being able to walk barefoot without any problem.

In addition, Hydro France is the specialist in laying marble aggregate (or outdoor marble resin) and we operate throughout metropolitan France.


Thus, Hydro France is at your service to:


  • build a terrace
  • make stairs
  • develop an alley
  • design a porch
  • create a pool beach in marble granulate
Would you like a quotation?

Would you like a quotation or an appointment with Hydro France for a marble granulate flooring? Do not hesitate, it’s without commitment.


The entire Hydro France team is here to:

  • analyze and meet your needs
  • help you find financing for your project with our partners
  • accompany you throughout the various stages of your project
  • ensure follow-up, even after the end of the project


are the three pillars of our action at Hydro France.

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